AIBA Corporation, a distributing agent of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., engages in both sales and manufacturing of Yasugi steel, including cutlery steel, special steel, tool steel cuts, processed plates and forging dies.

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Company philosophy


AIBA Corporation was established in 1861 and celebrated the 150th anniversary in 2011.
This would never have been possible without the continuous support of all our customers.

Our company was established as a metal wholesaler in the late Edo Period. During the Meiji Period (1868-1912), we started to handle steel material. Then, we began to sell Yasugi cutlery steel as a distributing agent for Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Yasugi Works during the Taisho Period (1912-1926).
After establishing a cutlery factory in the early Showa Period (1926-1989), we began to engage in manufacturing and sales of blades and knives.

In 1994, the Specialty Steel Center was constructed at the current address of our company.
The major business segments of our company are sales of special steel, including special steel made by Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Yasugi Works, processed products, high-grade cutlery steel, large processed products and processed plates.

We have received long-term support from both domestic and foreign customers in the promotion of traditional high-grade cutlery steel.
We provide our customers with special steel products manufactured by using the advanced technology, ‘Near Net Shape’.

We will strive to make contributions to the social development continuously through fair business practices.
We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all our customers for their continuous support.

Ryoji Aiba, President

Company philosophy

AIBA Corporation aims to make contributions to society through business activities, which are based on the long-term trust relationship with our business partners, the sound management practices and the knowledge of all our employees.

Environmental protection policy

  1. Compliance with environmental regulations and prevention of pollution
    We comply with international, national, regional and local environmental regulations. If necessary, we set up our own standard to ensure that our company complies with the laws and regulations.
    We also evaluate the possibility of environmental impact in advance to prevent pollution. In the event that an environmental problem occurs, we shall take necessary measures to minimize the impact on the environment.
    1. Environmentally friendly products
    2. Prevention of global warming
    3. Resource conservation and recycling
    4. Chemical substances management
    5. Consideration for biodiversity conservation
  2. Education, training and awareness improvement
    As we have obtained the eco-stage certification, we offer training programs to explain the importance of compliance with environmental regulations to our employees and to raise their awareness of environmental issues.
  3. Disclosure of information
    We work jointly with all stakeholders regarding our activities to protect the environment and disclose information, such as SDS, in order to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.

Business development policy

AIBA Corporation, together with our group companies, aims at providing our customers with solutions that can raise their productivity and reduce their costs by producing and selling special steel and other products, ranging from precise machinery parts to large machined components.

Corporate action guidelines

  1. Being conscious of the social responsibility and social ethics
  2. Challenging to new technologies and conducting environmentally-conscious business activities
  3. Promoting communication with society
  4. Making contributions to society by improving work environment
  5. Making contributions to development of local industries, preservation and development of traditional culture and technology.