AIBA Corporation, a distributing agent of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., engages in both sales and manufacturing of Yasugi steel, including cutlery steel, special steel, tool steel cuts, processed plates and forging dies.

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Personal information protection policy

We acknowledge the importance of personal information protection and that it is the responsibility of the company to properly use and protect such information. Therefore, all employees have committed themselves to protect personal information and the company has set the following personal information protection policy and has pledged to implement it.

1. Personal information collection, usage and provision
The company uses legal and honest means to collect personal information. The company will not use collected personal information for a purpose other than what has been agreed or provide such information to a third party, except otherwise agreed by the person concerned with such information or if required by law.
2. Personal information accuracy protection and security
The company has implemented appropriate measures to prevent illegal access to, lost, corruption, falsification or leak of collected personal information.
3. Right to access, modify and delete personal information
A person concerned with personal information collected by the company may ask the company to access, modify or delete such personal information. In such a case, the company promptly answers this demand within a reasonable range after confirming the identity of the person who made the demand. The demand will be answered only if the identity of the person who made the demand can be confirmed.
4. Compliance with laws and regulations
The company complies with laws and regulations related to personal information protection.
5. Continuous improvement
The company will maintain its personal information protection system, and will continuously improve and enhance it according to change in the surrounding environment or trends in society.
6. Copyright
The copyright on the page content, images, text and other data of this Website is own by AIBA Corporation. The content of the Website provided by our company can be used or copied only for non-commercial purposes by a customer, or if the authorization for such use or copy has been obtained from the company. Information on this Website cannot be edited, copied, reproduced, changed, adapted, translated or redistributed without the authorization of the copyright owner.